Durafit Seat Covers

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Brand selection of 50 covers with dealer logos.


KU21 8 L2501,L3301,L3901,L4701 L3302,L3902
KU20 6 MX4800, MX5000, MX5200, MX5660, MX5800, MX6000, M5400 SUH/SUHD Z231 and Z221R zero
KU06 6 L3240 / L3560 / L3940 / L4060 / L4240 / L4740 / L5040 / L5240 / L5460 / L5740 / BX2370 / BX23S /                                      BX25D / LX3310 / L3560 Cab / L6060 Cab
KU25 4 B2301, B2601, MX6000 cab tractor, B2301HSD, B2601SD, B2401DT, B2401DTN and T2290
KU13 4

M6 Series, M7 Series, M95, M100, M105, M108, M110, M125, M126, M6800, M7040, M7060, M8540, M135, M5091, M5-111 AND M5-091 CAB VERSION ONLY RECENT M7060 HAVE KU17

KU17 4

M6060, M7060, M9090, M6S-111 CAB VERSIONS 2021 AND 2022

KU26 2

KX080 Excavator KX033,U35,KX040

KU27 2

Zero Turn Mowers Z700 Series

KU33 2

Zero Turn Mowers Z422 Series

KU08 2

Zero Turn Mowers  ZD321, ZD323, ZD326, ZD331, AND ZG327.


KU02 2 ROPS  M5040, M6040, M7040, M7060, M8540, AND M9540.
KU34 2

Kubota SideKick Solid Bench Seat Cover

KU19 2

RTV X900, RTV X1100, RTV X1120D AND 1140. AND SIDEKICK RTV XG850 40/60 bench only 2015+

KU36 2

BX2380 and BX2680

RTV500 2

RTV 400/500/520 bench seat. For all benches with indent

RTV900 2

RTV900 2008-2013 Kubota RTV 900/RTV 1100 solid bench, NOT FOR X MODEL