KU25 Kubota series tractors. Will fit models B2301, B2601, MX6000 cab tractor, B2301HSD, B2601SD, B2401DT, B2401DTN and T2290

Durafit Seat Covers

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Kubota series tractors. Will fit model B2301, B2601, B2301HSD, B2601SD, B2401DT, B2401DTN, MX6000 cab model and T2290


1 piece cover with armrests. Pull drainage plug out and put back over cover.

Slide back on after opening velcro flaps for armrests.

Turn corners of base inside out and roll over corners. Install armrest covers.

Good insulation for comfort on those hot days of summer.

Check your seat against picture to make sure you have the correct configuration

1 Year